{song of the day} Hanni El Khatib - Build. Destroy. Rebuild.

Hanni El Khatib is the first-generation American son of Palestinian and Filipino immigrants. Whether his parentage affords him greater punk cachet or impetus, I can't say, although he does want to marry Lil' Kim "because she's fucking nuts" and believes listening to Black Sabbath in the morning will solve the world's problems. {If that's not enough to like someone...I don't know what's wrong with you}

Anywho...it's oft asked what The Beatles would sound like today.  Well...I cannot answer that, but if you'd like to know what punk would have sounded like, you're in luck

ps...as per usual -- I'm providing the free download link right nyhere

pps...Hanni {may I call you Hanni}, I also, am quite fucking nuts.  Just puttin it out there.


  1. Just wondering what Aesop Rock (3rd picture) has to do with this

  2. Yeah, that's definitely Aesop Rock at the end there. Another great artist, but totally not the same.


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