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Anyone who knows me is aware that I make no secret of my undying love for the little website known as Etsy.  I am continually amazed by the tremendous talents possessed by many of the people who sell their remarkable creations there.  From crafting a product to staging and photographing it, the artists on Etsy are as talented as any I have ever seen.  I could, quite literally, go on and on professing my adoration. Literally.  So...when I say that out of this field of extraordinary creators, that one in particular has straight up blown my mind, it's about the highest compliment I can verbalize...or type.

The mind blowing shop in question goes by the name of Andie's Specialty Sweets.  The shop is run by the husband and wife team of Jason and Andie Moore.  Their store philosophy {which I love} is "to give Treats unto others as we would want them to give Treats unto us."

To me, you can not call Andie and Jason just artists or confectioners {or art-fectioners for that matter, though it's closer}...for their talent and skill transcends the realm of 
what should be possible.  For instance, every single item in this post is edible. Every. Thing.  Even the Scrabble Tiles AND Tile Racks {complete with a realistic faux bois finish} are completely delectable.  Yes, I said delectable.  Oh...so you thought these creations {the Hummingbird, Gears, Leaves, and every single other item on this page} were just pretty faces.  All style no substance?  Not even close.  To quote Andie "Our goal is not just a pretty edible, not just a palatable one either, but one that elicits a response and is pleasurable to all the senses."  

Apart from holding a 100 percent positive feedback rating {which would be a feat for anyone, but is especially impressive given the biggest client base of Andie's Specialty Sweets is brides to be; a group notorious for being overparticular} a majority of Andie's customers have left comments lauding the amazing flavor encased within the - handmade in small batches - masterpieces.  All of the gluten/gelatin/partially hydrogenated oil free recipes used to create the confections are unique to Andie's and include fair-trade organic chocolate, organic flavorings, and non-g.m.o. fair trade sugars and starches.  All but two of the items are completely vegan {The Pacific Thorny Oysters and Star Fish both contain white chocolate}.                       

Looking again at the artfully staged and photographed images leaves me awe-struck. I cannot even begin to fathom  the masterful proficiency required to create these  confections {of perfection.}  Combining a vivid imagination with the ability to skillfully and flawlessly realize whatever was imagined, puts Andie's Specialty Sweets in it's own category, leagues above the typical  artistic candy creators.  Without a doubt Andie and Jason are the designers of true candy couture.  The Chanel of confections .  Vanilla virtuosos  and sugar contortionists.  It's pretty sweet.

To find out more about Andie and Jason and the magic behind the art:
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{All photographs copyright Andie's Specialty Sweets // All designs are exclusive to Andie's Specialty Sweets 2012. Andie's Specialty Sweets reserves all copyright protections under applicable law // All information obtained from Andie's Specialty Sweets via their etsy page // You can find the items pictured here - 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14}

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