{love + equality} Barack Obama Fully Supports Same Sex Marriage - May 9th 2012

I totally feel like love led the way here. And yes, there were politics at play and all sorts of non-lovely things, but at the end of the day? The right to get married is the right to express love within the boundaries of a society. It’s the right to be a citizen whose love is recognized as a part of his or her personhood. And in that way, yesterday, love changed a lot of things in America.


{designer} Rosamosario

While looking over my boards on Pinterest a while back, I noticed that, for someone who claims to love the dark and macabre, my choices in fashion might just say otherwise.  Perhaps it's the fact that I'm {finally} growing up, for I have found myself in a full blown love affair with all things pretty + ladylike. Bring on the tulle, {Chantilly} lace, ruffles, sequins, and pleats in blush, mint, or pale taupe.

This transition into "lady-hood" has propogated a few new interests, one being an obsession with beautiful lingerie.  Now, when I say "lingerie", I'm not talking Fredrick's of Hollywood slut wear, but rather the type that oozes sexiness while still maintaining a high level of sophistication. Think Sofia Loren.

Luckily for ladies like moi, Italian lingerie brand Rosamosario did just that.  

Rosamosario came to be in 2005.  It was created by Venice based Carlotta Danti with the aim of fusing contemporary design with traditional Italian craftsmanship. "Specializing in refined yet seductive separates; Rosamosario's collection of Chantilly-lace trimmed pieces and glossy silk slips draws it's luxury appeal as much from its fabrics as its artisanal detailing." {net-a-porter}

Translation, Rosamosario is for the stylish woman who appreciates the good things in life along with one of the best parts of life. Or as Ludacris would say the "lady in the street but a freak in the bed." 


{s/s 2012} Elie Saab Couture

I love that I can always depend on Elie Saab's couture shows.  While other's tend to go the edgier route, Saab sticks with what he does best...absolutely ethereal, breathtakingly beautiful, red-carpet ready dresses.  To me there is absolutely nothing better than tulle, sequins, and pastels. It's not avant-garde, experimental, or out there...and I couldn't be happier...

{The only problem I would have, is choosing just one.}

ivory fully embroidered long dress // Anja Rubik 

 ivory short fully embroidered dress //Karlie Kloss 

ivory long gown with organza // Daria Strokus 

 geometric line details at bodice // Sigrid Agren

 floral fully embroidered from heavy to light // Sui He


{i heart etsy} Andie's Specialty Sweets

Anyone who knows me is aware that I make no secret of my undying love for the little website known as Etsy.  I am continually amazed by the tremendous talents possessed by many of the people who sell their remarkable creations there.  From crafting a product to staging and photographing it, the artists on Etsy are as talented as any I have ever seen.  I could, quite literally, go on and on professing my adoration. Literally.  So...when I say that out of this field of extraordinary creators, that one in particular has straight up blown my mind, it's about the highest compliment I can verbalize...or type.

The mind blowing shop in question goes by the name of Andie's Specialty Sweets.  The shop is run by the husband and wife team of Jason and Andie Moore.  Their store philosophy {which I love} is "to give Treats unto others as we would want them to give Treats unto us."

To me, you can not call Andie and Jason just artists or confectioners {or art-fectioners for that matter, though it's closer}...for their talent and skill transcends the realm of 
what should be possible.  For instance, every single item in this post is edible. Every. Thing.  Even the Scrabble Tiles AND Tile Racks {complete with a realistic faux bois finish} are completely delectable.  Yes, I said delectable.  Oh...so you thought these creations {the Hummingbird, Gears, Leaves, and every single other item on this page} were just pretty faces.  All style no substance?  Not even close.  To quote Andie "Our goal is not just a pretty edible, not just a palatable one either, but one that elicits a response and is pleasurable to all the senses."  

Apart from holding a 100 percent positive feedback rating {which would be a feat for anyone, but is especially impressive given the biggest client base of Andie's Specialty Sweets is brides to be; a group notorious for being overparticular} a majority of Andie's customers have left comments lauding the amazing flavor encased within the - handmade in small batches - masterpieces.  All of the gluten/gelatin/partially hydrogenated oil free recipes used to create the confections are unique to Andie's and include fair-trade organic chocolate, organic flavorings, and non-g.m.o. fair trade sugars and starches.  All but two of the items are completely vegan {The Pacific Thorny Oysters and Star Fish both contain white chocolate}.                       


{obsessed} Interior Designer Vincent Darré

The designer Vincent Darré against a wall dressed in linen fabric by Josef Frank {Svenskt Tenn}.

Vincent Darré - a name I can't believe I didn't know.  After randomly catching just the last picture in this series {the gold seahorse drawer and pink tufted - I love a good "tuft" - wall piece} and deciding that it had definitely been inception-ed from my dreams, I came across this greatness.  It's the Parisian {of course} mansion apartment of Nerina Rossini.  I know nothing about this woman other than she "keeps this place for visits" as her main residence is Greece.  Well, I also know that she's kind of a genius for giving the Salvador Dali/David Lynch of design full reign over the decorative aspects of her interiors.  Please, if you will, take a moment to feast your eyes on this surrealist...masterpiece. 

 In the guest room, the sofa-bed was custom made by  Vincent Darré  and covered with a linen fabric by Josef Frank {Svenst Tenn}.  Sculpture is mottled brass, wall photos by Spyros Vasilas.

In the double living room, an ottoman covered in velvet {Prada} serves as a coffee table. Above, an Olympia Le-Tan Minaudier, mottled bottles and lacquer trays {both Maison Darré}. A small chair of 1920s Chinese chine is framed by two columns - A 'Crayfish Drawer and Métamorph'Os - wooden wallpaper {both Maison Darré}.

 Detail around applique -apply yourself on an aluminum and bronze wallpaper background -Metamorph'os {all Maison Darré}

  A 1940s bench made ​​the perfect place for Vincent Darré's cushions collection - Ossobuco {Maison Darré}. Also a 1970s chine carpet, and coffee table - Basin - cast aluminum and glass {Maison Darre} upon which had been placed an antique Pucci vase, and a 1950s silver crab {Buccellati}. On the wall is an aluminum mirror - Wall made {Maison Darré}.

 A console - Stilt {Maison Darré} and  mottled wall sconces.


{song of the day} Liars - No.1 Against The Rush

Liars - No.1 Against The Rush
{listen to the song here ^}

Liars will return on June 5th with their sixth studio album {WIXIW}, the follow-up to 2010s A-MAZ-ING Sisterworld.  According to an issued press release, “recording saw the band working more collaboratively than on previous recordings, and began when Angus Andrew and Aaron Hemphill moved into an isolated cabin in the mountains to begin writing.” It was then recorded in Los Angeles, self-produced by the band with Mute Records co-founder Daniel Miller, mixed by Tom Biller, and will be released by Mute Records.
The end result is “simultaneously the most accessible and most challenging release from these iconoclasts, it is both a summation of Liars’ work up to now, and a complete break from anything you’d ever heard the band do previously."  I...cannot wait.


{photographer} Camilla Akrans

If someone were to ask me the question, "Who is your favorite photographer?", without hesitation I would respond "Camilla Akrans".  Her images are always so incredibly soft + dreamy {plus...she was doing this before Instagram}.  However, what differentiates Akrans from the other "filtered photogs", is the level of controlled {almost complex} simplicity that is portrayed in her photographs.  Simply beautiful...


{design} Converted Ballroom - S.R.Gambrel

When I came across the houses and apartments styled by Steven Gambrel, the thing that made them, in a sea of interiors, stand out, is the fact that they look so tastefully refined, yet free of the fussiness.  There's no pretension.  It's stylish...yet functional {I have no idea how some of these people manage. Yes, your all white everything is beautiful, but honestly who wants to/can be careful all the time?}