{designer} Semi-Couture

Semi-Couture was founded in Italy in 2008 by Erika Cavallini. Prior to launching Semi-Couture {which presented it's first collection during the A/W 2008 fashion week} Erika was a consultant for several of Italy's most well known fashion houses.

The branding was inspired by an old stamp that was discovered in a Provence market; but the idea for the name was to identify and relate to clothing that, "on one side can give the idea of “unfinished” like the intermediate check on the tailor’s dummy of “semi-couture” and on the other side remind" wearers of haute couture, without the cost {Think Mercedes...and it ain't no c-class} often found in couture.

{Images: Signe Vilstrup | Quote: Semi-Couture}

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