{song of the day} Cat's Eyes -- Not A Friend

Faris Badwan + Rachel Zeffira
Cat's Eyes got it's start last year with Faris Badwan { front man for UK indie rockers The Horrors}, who recruited Canadian opera soprano and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira.  The duos music is a symphonic + glassy take on 60's girl-group pop {which reads to me as awesome}.  An homage if you will, because Cat's Eyes avoids most of the obvious girl-group signifiers in favour of odder period details – the re verb that was intended to suggest grandeur, but occasionally ended up making the records sound dislocated and strange; the distortion that was an inevitable byproduct of overloading primitive equipment with sound.  Enjoy...

P.S. - You can download the song for free here or here

{all photographs courtesy of cat's eyes}

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