{ch-ch-ch-changes} the days float through my eyes

i'm bAaaaack!!
this summers' writing political commentary left much to be desired as far as my personal blog was concerned.  however...it did inspire an idea.  onthevraydar, this blog right here that right now you are reading, will be a little more all encompassing {fashion news, politics, environment, culture, etc}.  i've created a new blog {the little eiffel/le petite eiffel} inspired by a pixies song.  this blog will be much more about fashion, art, and music.  i'm super excited about the future of both.

so...since i haven't been here in awhile, i decided what better place to start than by highlighting some of my newest obsessions off of the amazing website etsy.

Angel Wings - ivory ruffled tulle shrug by KarolinFelix
Michigan State Necklace in Silver by DestinysCreations
porcelain cast of a Kerr Mason Jar by pigeontoeceramics
double arrow walnut wood necklace by uglybunny
Snap purse frame pouch - multicolor chevron stripes by oktak
zebra armchairs by namedesignstudio
Eggplant Leather Barrel Style Satchel by PAULINA CARCACH
UpCycled Hanging Pendant Lighting Fixture by boots n gus
Petal Fairy Lights by red brick glass

5 Tiny Pale Pink Bottles {hand thrown on a wheel} by sarapaloma
Dusty Pink Pout Dress by three little ducks {AUS}

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