{inspiration} chanel mimosa le vernis nail color

the little yellow birdie has landed

i'll admit that, when the whole lemon yellow nail polish trend thing first came about, i was really lacking in the whole enthusiasm department pensive.  while i've never been one of those people who needs someone to hold their hand while trying something new, the thought of painting my nails a color associated with chronic bronchitis, fluid retention, diabetes, and liver disorders (not to mention the fact that nicotine is often a major culprit of the dreaded "yellow nail syndrome") was not something that i was going to be placing on my to do list anytime soon. 

then my friend kelly s. (i associate with no one more hip to the makeup world and its trends) wore some to work, and my interest was immediately piqued in all the right ways.

brilliantly bold and unabashedly lemony, mimosa is this season’s most anticipated color from chanel. it is currently in-store, on counter, and requires your undivided attention. most “beauty girls” predict that mimosa will disappear in a flash…a la chanel jade 2009.

i’m thinking that a visit to the beauty level of bergdorf’s is in order, no?
if you want to take the trend a bit further, try this recipe from the BG restaurant.  they have a passion fruit mimosa recipe, inspired by Chanel’s mimosa, that is sure to impress {or at least get you wasted}! so grab your champagne glasses and get ready to say “cheers!”.

you’ll need:
5 oz champagne {or sparkling wine}
0.5 oz passion fruit puree
splash cointreau
splash simple syrup

first, pour the puree into your glass. then, slowly pour the champagne to mix it up (make sure not to pour too fast or you’ll end up with foam...trust). if you want to be fancy, gently stir with a long bar spoon. then, garnish with a candied violet {luckily I have a billion of those on hand}. and voila… you’ve officially ushered in the spring.

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