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no more waity katie
everytime i acquire a new bottle of butter london's cult worthy nail polishes, my "it's not crazy to spend blank (14) bucks on a blank (bottle of nailpolish) if it's worth it" mantra is totally reaffirmed.  there isn't a company that i know of (besides, say chanel, at 30 bucks a pop) that uses such rich, on trend pigments.  i dig pretty much every color, however, a few of my absolute faves are "no more waity katie" (a gorgeous "greige" produced right after the royal engagement was announced), "saucy jack" (a blood red, those familiar with "this is spinal tap" might recall derek smalls' infamous moniker for jack the ripper), "la moss" (a deep bordeaux), and "yummy mummy" (a perfect universal beige).  a lot of their other colors have been created exclusively by designers for their runways. now, when compared to other things on the runways, which you might have to rob a bank to afford, 14 bucks for couture doesn't look too bad.

teddy girl
co-created by victoria beckham for her spring/summer 2011 runway

as seen on the prada and 3.1 philip lim runways


{images butterlondon.com}

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