{damn you} santa barbara

came across this place while trolling some of the more aesthetically pleasing blogs.  now i'm not a big mushy "OMG i can't wait to get married" kind of girl who already has her dresses, and third course of dinner, narrowed down to a dozen choices.  most wedding sites make me dry heave.  however, when i saw this venue, i'll admit, i thought about immediately booking it.  first off, yes, it's in a barn, which couldn't embody the type of person i am more {ps my graduation party was pulled off, beautifully, in my parents' barn}.  top that off with the chandeliers and french chic settings!  stop with yourself...i mean, the event coordinators last name is even "ray".  i'm gonna guess brian's relieved it's a little out of feasibility considering it's in santa barbara {though i'm not gonna dismiss it entirely because of that yet}.

more pics of the design here

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