tommy's twisted country club

truth: had you asked me before the spring/summer 2011 shows {even after the brilliant f/w 2010 campaign, which i brushed off as just a peter som influenced fluke}  if i would ever foresee myself turning the spotlight on to a tommy hilfiger collection, i would've answered "no" without the slightest of hesitations.  the fashion snob in me used to come out in full regalia at the slightest insinuation of "tommy".  he, the king of the t.j. maxx masses could never really be considered fashionable, let alone trendy...right? 

however, since i am able to recognize when proven wrong, i will gladly recant my previous disavowel.  the spring/summer 2011 tommy hilfiger portfolio was the final coup de grâce to my opinion of the house as being the prevailing standard for mediocrity.

the new life in the collections is no doubt the result of bringing in peter som to add his uptown eccentric sensiblities.  and while tommy stuck with the aesthetic that made him famous: preppy; there was a nice twist on country club clichés added to set the framework.  don't get me wrong, while this was a great collection, it was far from being one of the best of fashion week {this of course being solely my opinion}.  there's still some work to be done, but given that, on the 25th anniversary of hilfiger's business, he promised this to be the first collection of his next 25, i'd say it's not a bad start at all.

{photos courtesy of wwd}

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